Films Made in Giles

  • Ax Men to feature Floyd and Giles counties’ horseloggers Sunday
    History Channel to broadcast show at 9 p.m.
    By: Wanda Combs |
    Published: March 09, 2012
    Hollywood film crews came to Floyd and Giles counties last summer and filmed logging activities for 11 days. Featured in the show on March 11 will be Jason Rutledge (of the Healing Harvest Forest Foundation) and his son Jagger, Chad Miano, Miano Horselogging, Nickelsville, Va., Benjamin Harris and David Marrelle of Sinking Creek Horselogging, Roanoke, Va., and Blane Chaffin of Mountain View Horselogging, Riner, Va., Ben Sumner, Buckeye Branch Horselogging, Dugspur, and Carl Whitaker of Floyd.
  • Dirty Dancing – Filming Locations
    The film wasn’t shot in New York; it was filmed at Mountain Lake Resort in Southwest Virginia. While they traded the Catskills for the Appalachian Mountains, the film’s setting needed to provide two key elements: a feeling of isolation, where the characters are forced to interact with each other because of this, as well as a retro feel to the establishment. Mountain Lake Resort was built out of an antiquated stone, with a pronounced red roof, creating a more authentic ’60s feel.
  • An Illusion in Red & White
    Set designers for the film, “An Illusion of Red and White” turned the Palisades Restaurant in Eggleston, VA into a 19th century building on Saturday, March 17. Giles County provided two truck loads of sawdust to cover the hardtop where the filming took place. Brett Rickaby (left) played the bad guy, Farmer Jones, in the movie “An Illusion of Red and White.” Rickaby is best known for some of his roles on television shows such as 24, NCIS, Numbers, CSI Miami and Star Ship: Enterprise. On Rickaby’s right is John Conway. He is the writer and director of the film. When Conway was asked what he thought about Giles County he said, “It is an undiscovered treasure.”
  • Dirty Dancing Documentary by Blink TV
  • Giles County Dirty Dancing Reality Series by Television ITV

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