With over 50 miles of the Appalachian Trail at your fingertips and 100 square miles of National Forest, finding a little quiet time to yourself is as easy and walking out your back door. Hike the ridge tops starting at Mountain Lake to War Spur Trail and Wind Rocks.

Hiking Trails


The seemingly endless views of the surrounding mountains and valleys will take you to another time and place of an untouched wilderness.

Hike 2 miles following Little Stony Creek and be awed as you watch her gracefully fall over a 69 foot vertical cliff known as “Cascade Falls”. The waterfall reigns in this bowl-shaped arena it has carved from the mountain. Little Stony’s rushing waters leap from the edge, cascading down the rock wall and landing in churning, misty turmoil in the pool below.


Appalachian Trail - Giles contains 50 miles of the trail and it passes through the county seat of Pearisburg. Starting in the spring, many hikers pass through Pearisburg on their journey for a little rest and for a re-supply on necessities.

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Kelly Knob Overlook - This is a 2 mile hike along the Appalachian Trail to Kelly Knob Overlook. Trailhead also accesses Johns Creek Mountain Trail. The elevation is from 3300 to 3800 feet, with the difficulty rating considered to be moderate. Download PDF Map 1 |- Map 2


Cascades FallsCascades Recreation Area is a scenic and popular destination located in the Little Stony Creek Valley. Visitors can hike to view spectacular Cascades waterfall and afterward enjoy a picnic lunch. This is a 4 mile loop trail to 69' waterfalls with elevations from 2200 to 2900 feet.
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War Spur & Wind Rock Trails - These trails are moderately easy trails through the Mountain Lake Wilderness as both trails lead to scenic overlooks with elevations from 3100- 3800 feet. Some of this trail follows the Appalachain Trail eastward. The Wind Rock Overlook offers sweeping views of Rocky Mountains (3300'), Fork Mountain (3645')
and Peter's Mountain (4000').
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Angels Rest Overlook - Hike the Appalachian Trail 1 1/2 miles up Pearis Mountain to a scenic overlook. The Difficulty rating of this hike is moderate but steep with elevations of 2000 ft. to 3550 ft. There of great views of the New River Valley and surrounding mountains. Download PDF Map


Dismal Falls- Falls of Dismal - 40 ft. width with a 12 ft. drop into a single whirlpool. It’s an easy hike for those who are less eager to venture far off the beaten path. From the community of White Gate on hwy. 42, just off Rt. 100 from Pearisburg, it’s a short jaunt of a little over 10 miles. You will take SR-606 to SR-671 and soon see a sign and pull-off on your right for the falls.


The ledges on the left side of the falls are step-like while the middle and right ledges are more of a straight drop. In lower water, the middle and right are not covered and the stream is much narrower. Despite the width of the stream, the waterfall is not particularly open with trees lining each bank and throwing much of the falls into shade most of the day.

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Mill CreekMill Creek Falls - Another lesser known trail that boast a 1/2 mile long series of spectacular falls known as Falls of Mill Creek is a true hidden treasure. For those who are “Friends of Mill Creek” it’s a favorite year round adventure trail.


Easiest access to the falls is through the Town of Narrows taking Rt. 100 to VA-652 to the intersection of VA-710. On foot follow VA-652 (gravel) on the left side of the creek through a gate marking the Town Farm Park. Stay close to the creek the whole way. 



Barney's Wall - This scenic mountain view sets directly above the Cascades Water Fall. It is proceeded by a 3/4 mile hike down the mountain trail. Most of it is very moderate hiking. Due to low laying brush, I would not recommend a horse, maybe a mountain bike. This is not a highly publicized trail or look out and there is minimal parking off of the main fire trail road.