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Wed Feb 3rd. Cascades closed due to high water

Whether you are looking for a great vacation spot for your family or a quiet small town atmosphere to live in, Giles County has it all. Outdoor recreation abounds with thirty-seven miles of the New River flowing through the heart of the county as well as 92.4 square miles of Jefferson National Forest offering a wide variety of recreational opportunities for everyone. Giles County also boasts top quality schools, award-winning hospitals, safe living environment, cultural resources and a favorable business climate. Ask us for more information or download our brochure. We look forward to having you!

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ACCE - Access to Community College Education

The 2016 ACCE Application is officially open and available at www.nr.edu/foundation/acce.php The deadline to apply is March 1, 2016

The ACCE Renewal Form for current ACCE students is also open and available at www.nr.edu/foundation/acce.php The deadline to apply is March 1, 2016.

New River Water Trail

Take a relaxing float trip down the New River in Giles County. Visit www.newriverwatertrail.com for everything you need to know to plan your trip and have a great time.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I obtain marriage licenses, death certificates, deeds, and wills – Clerk of Circuit Court – 540-921-1722
  2. Where can I obtain tax information and tax assessment information – Commissioner of Revenue's  Office – 540-921-1240
  3. Where can I reach the local DMV office – Treasurer's Office – 540-921-1240
  4. Where can I pay my water bill and trash bill – Treasurer's Office – 540-921-1240
  5. Who can I call concerning my well – Health Department – 540-235-3137
  6. Who can I call concerning a state maintained road in the county – VDOT 540-387-5320
  7. Who do I call concerning a speeding ticket or traffic violations – General District Court – 540-921-3533