sheriff's office

The primary law enforcement agency for the county, providing services in patrol, criminal investigations, and civil process service.

Sheriff's Office

Sheriff MillironsVarious services provided by the Sheriff's Office include:

  • Providing 24-hour patrol throughout the county
  • Dispatch services for the Sheriff's Office, five town police departments, Giles and Newport Rescue Squads, County Ambulance Service, eight fire departments, Virginia State Police, Virginia Game Wardens, and animal control officers.
  • Criminal Investigation of various crimes throughout the county
  • School Resource Officers at all five Giles County schools
  • DARE instruction for all three Elementary Schools
  • Support for the Giles County PULSAR program
  • Support for the Giles County Youth-Adult Partnership

The Sheriff's Office is divided into several divisions.  Each of these fills a particular need within the department.

Giles County Sheriff Honored As Lawman Of The Year

Administrative Support Division

The Administrative Support Division is responsible for all executive and personnel administrative functions. The division serves as a liaison for the Sheriff and uniformed officers with the public.

  • Administrative Support also conducts all secretarial/clerical functions -- correspondence, records management, accounting, personnel, transcripts of interviews, etc.
  • Persons needing assistance may contact the Administrative Support Division for referral to the appropriate division within the department

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for investigating various crimes committed in the county. These include homicides, suicides, narcotics violations, burglaries, identity thefts, frauds, and other felony-level offenses.

  • The Criminal Investigations Division consists of two Criminal Investigators, one Crime Scene Investigator, and one Narcotics Investigator.

Patrol Division

  • The Patrol Division (uniformed deputies) is responsible for the day-to-day patrolling of the county, answering complaints, and responding to crime scenes and crimes in progress. Patrol Division officers often assist Virginia State Troopers at accident scenes, and provide back-up for the five town police departments in Giles County.
  • In addition, the Patrol Division provides officers as school resource officers, D.A.R.E instructors, truancy officers, animal control officers, and a variety of other miscellaneous positions. 
  • Plus, the Division has two canine officers, Rex and Doc. These canines assist deputies in the location of illegal drugs, tracking suspects who flee on foot, officer protection, and other related tasks.

Court & Civil Division

  • The Court & Civil Division is responsible for the service of civil process, execution of various writs, and other duties dealing with the service of legal process.
  • In addition to serving and executing civil process, the Court & Civil Division is also responsible for providing courtroom security for the General District, Juvenile & Domestic Relations, and Circuit courts serving Giles County.

E-911 Communications Division

  • The E-911 Dispatch Center provides dispatch services for all Sheriff's Office, local and state police, fire, rescue, and haz-mat services for Giles County.